The Three Massage Types that Would Benefit Your Muscles the Most

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Many people harbor the misconception that a massage is a luxury, and maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less necessary. Your muscles take the brunt of your everyday life with physical activities, anxiety, and stress. This could leave you wound tighter than springs at the end of the day, so it makes sense that a massage would be beneficial in helping to make you feel better. Convinced? Search for “massage near me in Boulder CO” to see what’s available in your area.

Unconvinced? Check out these three types of massage that could be beneficial in helping you to relax and flow better with everyday stressors. 

Deep Tissue Massage, to unwind and let go of stress.

During a deep tissue massage, a massage therapist will use slow, deep strokes with various pressures to disconnect and release stress through your muscles. Your connective tissues hold onto tension. Deep tissue massages help you feel more relaxed by massaging that tension out, allowing it to dissipate in a healthy way that leaves you feeling calm and peaceful.

Reflexology Massage, to relieve tension and heal.

Reflexology massage dates back to ancient Chinese medicine when it was believed that touch and pressure kept balanced emotions and good health flowing through the body. This kind of massage improves your blood circulation, eliminates excess toxins from your body, and relieves menstrual discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage, to relax and encourage calm.

Hot stone massage combines deep tissue with heavy, warm stones against the pressure points in your muscles. The warmth relaxes your muscles, while the pressure of the massage rubs stress from your body to encourage a calmer, more relaxed mindset.

There are well over a dozen massage types, so this article only brushes the surface. The best thing you can do is discuss the best massages for you with a professional massage therapist. They can make custom recommendations that match your body’s needs.